Friday, June 9, 2017

Hi blogger  On Thursday we did skateboarding. we first put our gear on and lined up at the blue wall. then after we got to pick what color we want but the girls went first then the boys, and I got the green skateboard it was fast as like a cheetah. when our coach was talking he was talking about our safety so we started of with  two feet on the skateboard,  then after that we went around in a circle and it was cool because I went as fast as I could. when I was going fast heaps of people started coping me so I went fast as so know one could catch up to me. when we were riding on our cool skateboard we had to stop and listen to the coach. people were staying still as a if they were hiding from something.  I loved it when me and my friend Raymond were going fast, we did these cool moves that people would look at. then after that when it was 9:45 we had to pack up so the other class can come. so we took of our helmet and everyone was sweaty and then we had to take of our gear of and put it back. then after that we said thank you for coaching us

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